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Temporary RV Housing

Keep your comfort and family intact while in travel

“RV Life is Good” Temporary RV Housing

Hotel rooms are expensive, so renting one of our premium RVs or travel trailers, can be less costly and can be parked right in your driveway, on your construction site, at your lakefront or anywhere else you may need temporary RV rental housing. That would keep your family intact or assist where production trailers or mobile offices may be needed. “RV Life is Good” will bring your temp RV rental housing wherever you need it. It can provide you with flat-screen TV’s to bunk beds or to any other convenience or security accommodations your family or business may need.

Who Needs Temp RV Housing?

Insurance Housing: When disaster strikes, our units provide you with accommodations so that you can protect your property as things are restored to normal. This provides for as normal a routine as possible during these disruptive times and gives you peace of mind. We also offer to work with your insurance agency to handle all the paperwork so you can focus on the important things. In other words, we take the stress out of stressful situations!
Makeup and Movie Trailers: Have a film production project coming close to the Dayton area? RV Life Is Good can provide all your movie or makeup trailer needs.

RV Temporary Housing Amenities Includes:

Monthly Travel Trailer Rentals

Not only does RV Life Is Good provide RVs and travel trailers for vacations, we also provide temporary housing that is custom-designed for the long-term renter in mind. Amenities (including a home-sized refrigerator, a washer/dryer, elevated ceilings, and 1-2 private bedrooms) make our RVs and travel trailers the choice of most customers. We pay attention to every detail to ensure that you have the most comfortable accommodations possible. Customer care is our top priority and we make sure you feel comfortable using the RV throughout the entire rental period. We also provide 24/7 tech support to help if you have any trouble during your rental period, so you will never be alone.

Disaster Relief

Set Up On Residential Property

When damage or the loss of your home is experienced, our staff is sensitive to your needs. We act immediately to ensure that your property has the proper resources needed to connect our travel trailer to power, sewer and water. If these utilities are not available, we assist in hiring vendors who will supply them with alternatives. We work with your insurance company to get you a temporary home as quickly as possible,

Not enough room on your property?

Our goal is to offer our customers a pleasant, temporary housing experience. If there is no room to set up on your property, we can arrange for it to be set up at an RV Park or other possible area.

No hotels for your crew?

If hotels are not available or are too far from your location, we can set up a travel trailer right on your jobsite. Each traveltrailer can accommodate 1-4 people providing privacy and the comforts of home.

Ready to get your travel on?

Choose the RV style and size that best suits your family from our fleet of recreational vehicles! If you have questions feel free to call anytime at 937-949-3030 or 513-617-1074