Optional Insurance

Other Insurance and Service Options

Below are some additional insurance and service options that you can select to allow for additional coverage that your insurance company might not provide.


Vacation Protection Plan (VPP):

  • VPP protects you from two of the most common RV mishaps: tire or windshield damage. VPP will pay 100% of the repair or replacement of the following (which may be damaged for any reason unless terms of contract are violated):
  • Tire ($125+ per tire value)limit 2 tires.
  • Windshield – Class C only (Class A excluded) limit 1 windshield.
  • VPP protection is only available if Emergency Roadside Assistance (ERA) is also purchased. Selecting this coverage automatically selects ERA, $3.00/day, additional.
  • Your cost for VPP is $7.50 per day.
  • Resulting damage to, or towing of, the motor home is not covered.

Vacation Interruption Plan (VIP):

  • VIP protects you against incidental, unexpected expenses associated with the breakdown of the RV in the event the motor home is in breakdown repair for 12 hours or more, through no fault of the renter.
  • VIP will reimburse up to $100 per day for meals, transportation, and lodging.
  • Your cost for VIP is $10.95 per day.
    Emergency Roadside Assistance (ERA):
  • ERA provides nationwide 24/7/365 roadside assistance (tow, battery jump, tire change, lockout, or fuel delivery) at discounted rates.
  • Operation assistance and technical hot-line available at no additional charge.
  • Your cost for ERA is $3.00 per day.


All Plans Selected (VPP, VIP, ERA):

  • Normal cost would be $21.45/day. Your cost is $18.95/day

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