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“RV Life Is Good”
Welcome to “RV Life is Good”, the rolling home away from home! At “RV Life is Good”, we pride ourselves on being an upscale, one-stop-shop for all of your recreational vehicle and travel trailer needs. We have an ever-growing fleet of RV’s, travel trailers, and fifth-wheels available to rent for an awesome vacation with the family, a fun time at the races, or a romantic getaway with that someone special. If you have your own RV, travel trailer, or fifth-wheel and need parts or service, we can help with that as well. Our staff of mechanics, techs, and cleaners provides services such as engine and generator oil changes, interior/exterior detailing, winterization/de-winterization, storage, and more! Give us a call to learn more.
Ready to Lock in Your Reservation? Call or Text 937-949-3030 ext *1 Questions or After-Hours needs? Call Kirk at 513-617-1074
Welcome to “RV Life Is Good”, a respected Dayton-area RV rental, storage, and service company! We are ready to make your vacation dreams come true! Our company has built a great reputation in the area due to the quality of service we provide, latest amenities and features offered, reasonable prices, continuous quality maintenance aimed at keeping our customers safe, and our willingness to go above and beyond.

We offer a fleet of various types of rental units including:

Class A Gasoline Motorcoaches
Class A Diesel-PUSHERS
Class B RVs
Class C RVs
Travel Trailers
Temporary Housing

We offer a variety of services including:

Pressure testing
Floor Repairs
Various Leaks
Water Heater Repairs/Replacement
Most Roof Repairs
RV Motorhome Rental
Class A
Fifth Wheel
Camper Rental Dayton, OHIO
Class C
Travel Trailers Rental Dayton
Travel Trailers
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Class B
Why Choose “RV Life Is Good”
We offer the most premium RV rentals in Dayton, Ohio. Our top-notch services and quality customer care are what makes us unmatched among our competitors.
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We Provide Quality

At “RV Life is Good”, we strive for the best quality in every aspect of service we provide in the Dayton and surrounding areas.

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Well – Furnished RVs and Travel Trailers

We ensure that whatever type of unit you select is equipped with all the imperative items, such as; roadside kit, first aid kit, wheel chocks, parking blocks, waste tube, city water hose, and more. We offer a variety of convenience packages you can choose to add to your rental to make your trip more comfortable while taking some of the work out of packing. See our "Add-on Packages" further down. We also set aside an hour at departure to train all renters on the inside and out of the unit to ensure proper use and safety.


Variety of Rental Units

We have a large fleet of rental units to choose from, whether you are looking to drive it or pull it behind your own vehicle. Our RVs, also called motor homes, vary from bigger, more streamlined, Class A (somewhat comparable to a small city bus), to a Class B (like a Sprinter van), to the Class C that can range from a small 22ft. up to a 32ft. bunkhouse. Our travel trailers (also called campers), range from a 21ft. two-person all the way up to 40ft. that sleeps 12 people! When you click "Book Now" at the top of our home page, just choose your desired dates and the type of unit you want, then the system will show you what is available within that date range.

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Rental Vehicle Insurance

We offer choices for insuring your rental unit. If your insurance company will provide a Declaration Page or a Proof of Coverage letter showing coverage on the unit, you don’t have to pay for coverage through us! However, if your insurance company cannot provide such coverage, we work with an insurance company that will provide coverage at a competitive rate.


Affordable Rates

At “RV Life is Good”, we understand the importance of saving money in this economy. We make every effort to provide outstanding service and a great rental experience at affordable rates.


Add -on Packages

To make the planning of and the packing for your trip as stress-free as possible, we offer many different add-on packages or individual items that renters can include in the unit before their rental period. We have tried to cover every detail so you can just pack your clothes and go! We even offer bike racks, grills and a WiFi hotspot!


Free Parking

We provide free parking for one vehicle per rental. Our rear parking area is secure with razor wire, live cameras at each corner, and electric fencing that is armed every time we are not on location.


Waste Tanks

We dump and wash your waste tanks upon your return at no cost. This is a service for which most other companies charge an additional fee.



We provide a comprehensive check-out inspection as well as a thorough training on the use of your unit. This ensures that your trip is a safe and memorable success.

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Airport Pick-Up

At an additional cost if flying into the Dayton International Airport, we offer a prearranged time for pick-up and return.

Ready for your Travel?
Choose your preferred RV type now and browse through our fleet of vehicles!
How It Works-RV Rentals
Renting from “RV Life is Good” is a very easy process. The 4 steps below will help you become familiar with the process

Choose an RV or Travel Trailer:

Choose your desired type of unit.
You can narrow your results by choosing a start and a return date. Now that you have narrowed the fleet down by dates and type of unit, scroll through the many available photos and details of each unit to find the one that fits your needs.


Now That You've Chosen a Unit:

You have multiple booking options: You are welcome to book on our website or give us a call/text directly so we can take care of it for you. The perks to booking with us personally as opposed to our website: The website is programmed to force the commercial insurance policy, but when we book you directly, we can allow your personal insurance. Also pre-programmed is the daily mileage, but we program more daily miles when we take your booking personally.


Make Payment

Call Or Text Us: We will take some basic information about you and your upcoming trip, which only takes a couple of minutes. Then we get your security deposit, which holds your booking. Nothing else is due until your day of departure. We then send you a booking confirmation and other information for your trip Via Our Website: The site will ask for any information we need and will have you enter your payment there. You then receive payment and booking confirmation.

airport pickup

Get Confirmation

If you call or text us to have us take your booking directly, you will be given the option to use your auto insurance company IF they will provide coverage and will put the rental unit on the declaration page. This will save you a good chunk of change! If booking online, you will automatically be placed on the commercial policy a varied rate depending on each unit. This will be an "excess" policy that covers damage in the event your insurance does not provide coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions
You have questions? We have the answers! Check the list of FAQs for the answer to most, if not all, your questions.
We rent by the night, so the return day is free as long it is returned by 10am. If returning outside of business hours, you will need to call Kirk so he can disarm the electric fence and open the gate to provide entry to the rear lot. The cutoff time for evening returns is 10pm and if returning on a weekend or before we arrive during the week, it is preferred no earlier than 8am. We are lenient on these times as we understand some circumstances cannot be controlled but this is to prevent calls at all hours of night and early morning to be let into the lot.
Once you browse our online inventory and find the unit you want, the easiest way to reserve it is to give us a call or text. We will get some basic information and get your security deposit payment, then send you the reservation confirmation. You are also welcome to book on our website, which walks you through the steps, however please be aware that doing so will automatically force commercial insurance and will automatically give just 125 free daily miles. If we book you personally, we allow you to use your own insurance and we give you 150 free daily miles. ​
State law dictates that renters be 25-years or older.
Rental units can be picked up at a pre-arranged time between 10am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. A specific time must be scheduled so one of our staff can walk you through the operation/use of your unit. For an additional fee, an earlier time may be scheduled for you. There are NO Saturday or Sunday pickups unless prior arrangements are made for staff to be available to accommodate this.​
Since we have a large fleet of various types and sizes of rental units, the nightly rate varies. The base of the rental invoice, however, will consist of the nightly rental rate, a one-time Prep Fee, and insurance coverage. If your insurance company will provide coverage with a declaration page or binder, you do not have to pay for our insurance. There are other items you can choose to purchase from our convenient add-on packages, but they are not a required part of the rental invoice. The only cost up-front to book your reservation is the refundable security deposit of $500 for travel trailers or $1500 for RVs (this is different for festivals). The rental invoice is not due until departure.
When you return, a staff member will do an initial check-in to inspect for damage and to get any applicable information (odometer, fuel level, etc.). Once we are able to bring the unit into the shop, a tech will complete a thorough inspection inside and out to inspect for damage and to check for proper operation of all components. We have 3-5 business days to complete this process and to refund your security deposit.
Brand Partners
We proudly represent America’s top RV manufacturers

Ready to get your travel on?

Choose from our extensive fleet of recreational vehicles for the style and size that best suits your needs! If you have any questions, feel free to call or text us a 937-949-3030 or 513-617-1074
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