Mandatory Insurance

“RV Life Is Good” requires that each renter has insurance coverage on any rental. We do give you options to meet this requirement.

You have an option in which you can secure rental insurance.

“RV Life is Good” will bring your temp RV housing wherever you need it. It can provide you with flat-screen TV’s to bunk beds or to any other convenience or security accommodations your family or business may need.

1st Option – If your personal auto insurance coverage will provide coverage on your rental along with a Declaration Page/Proof of Coverage Letter/ or Insurance Binder/Endorsement form from that shows our unit with VIN and lists “RV Life is Good” as Loss Payee or Additional Insured.

Some insurance companies (State Farm, Farmer’s, USAA, Allstate, etc.) will do this and we will provide a form for you to pass along to them with all the information they will need. Other bigger insurance companies (Progressive, Geico, Nationwide, etc.) will not do this. If you choose to go this route, please call or text the rental office so we can send you the required paperwork to pass on to your agent.

2nd Option – If you book on our website, you will automatically be placed on the same insurance company that Outdoorsy uses. We also have to use this insurance company for a couple of the higher-valued RVs that can’t be covered under a Renter’s personal policy.

With this option, we need a copy of the renter’s driver’s license so we can verify identity as well as date of birth and address.

3nd Option – This ensures that the rental vehicle is covered for any comprehensive or collision damage that occurs to the unit. A claim must be filed through the renter’s insurance company first and then, if denied, the claim can be filed through the excess policy. The insurance company provided by “RV Life Is Good” will then kick in to pay the claim. Essentially, you have extra security under this option.

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