Consignment Rentals

Learn Our Ohio RV Rental Consignment Program

Motorhomes / RVs & Travel Trailers Wanted – Ohio RV Rental Consignment Program from “RV Life Is Good”

This option is wonderful for the RV owners who find they aren’t using their motorhome enough to justify ownership, for those who want one but can’t afford to purchase one, or for those who have more money into it than they can sell it for.

What exactly is consignment renting and why should I consider it

Allow us to book vacation rentals for your motorhome at times you won’t be using it. The rental fee will be split between us. By renting your motorhome, you may earn enough to cover your monthly payments as well as your insurance, your registration, maintenance, storage and miscellaneous fees and taxes! Basically, you would “own for free”. By receiving a rental income, you can set up a passive business that even allows for tax deductions!

Consignment Rental FAQs

What if I want to use my Motorhome/RV?

Because it is your unit, of course you have priority booking! Simply inform us of the dates you would like blocked out, and we will reserve those for you. You do this by calling us during regular business hours (Mon-Fri 10:00 am-5:00 pm EST). If there should already be a booking scheduled at your desired time, you have the option to keep that rental or to move it to another available unit. When you choose to use your motor home/RV or traveltrailer, it will be clean, full of water and propane, and refrigerator and water heater both started. Also, all other appliances and the generator will be checked, all tanks will be full and all holding tanks emptied.

How do I know my Motorhome/RV will be cared for?

Our technicians are trained to monitor your motorhome/RV or travel trailer very closely. We check mileage coming in and going out, oil changes/services performed, cleanings and more. “RV Life is Good” treats your unit as if it were our own!

Is smoking or vaping allowed?

Absolutely NOT! “RV Life is Good” does NOT allow smoking or vaping in any of our rentals or consignment units. On the return of a unit, we screen for that, and if the renter did not abide by that rule, they are charged a $500 fee to clean and deodorize the unit. That steep fine deters renters from breaking the rule. There are absolutely no exceptions to our policy!

Who is allowed to drive?

Only the actual renter is allowed to drive any of our rental units unless a specific person has been designated by the renter at the time the rental agreement is signed. All persons must be at least 25 years or older and provide a valid driver’s license in order to rent a unit. The renter understands that he or any other designated driver is liable for damages to the unit due to negligence.

I would rather sell my RV/Travel Trailer….

We would absolutely assist in selling your motorhome/RV or travel trailer. We have multiple, established venues to which we market all of our units as well as promoting them at our physical location. If you’d like, we can continue renting your unit until it sells.

Ready to get your travel on?

Choose the RV style and size that best suits your family from our fleet of recreational vehicles! If you have questions feel free to call anytime at 937-949-3030 or 513-617-1074