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We do not collect the rental invoice until the day you come to pick up your rental. If we are delivery, we will collect the rental invoice payment two business days prior to delivery.
State law dictates that renters be 25-years or older.
Once you browse our online inventory and find the unit you want, the easiest way to reserve it is to give us a call or text. We will get some basic information and get your security deposit payment, then send you the reservation confirmation. You are also welcome to book on our website, which walks you through the steps, however please be aware that doing so will automatically force commercial insurance and will automatically give just 125 free daily miles. If we book you personally, we allow you to use your own insurance and we give you 150 free daily miles.
We rent by the night, so the return day is free as long it is returned by 10am. If returning outside of business hours, you will need to call Kirk so he can disarm the electric fence and open the gate to provide entry to the rear lot. The cutoff time for evening returns is 10pm and if returning on a weekend or before we arrive during the week, it is preferred no earlier than 8am. We are lenient on these times as we understand some circumstances cannot be controlled but this is to prevent calls at all hours of night and early morning to be let into the lot.
If you book online, the website is programmed to give you 125 miles per day for free. If you call or text us so we can book you personally, we are able to program the system to give you 150 miles per day free. These miles total up so if you are parked for a couple days, then you have the miles from those days to use on your driving days, so you do not lose them. If you go over the total miles, the charge is $0.49 per mile over. We offer prepaid mileage at $0.44 per mile.
No, we take care of this for you when you come back. You may need to empty your tanks while you on your trip, just for your own needs, and we will show you how to do this, but we do not require the tanks to be empty and cleaned upon return.
Rental units can be picked up at a pre-arranged time between 10am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. A specific time must be scheduled so one of our staff can walk you through the operation/use of your unit. For an additional fee, an earlier time may be scheduled for you. There are NO Saturday or Sunday pickups unless prior arrangements are made for staff to be available to accommodate this.​
Since we have a large fleet of various types and sizes of rental units, the nightly rate varies. The base of the rental invoice, however, will consist of the nightly rental rate, a one-time Prep Fee, and insurance coverage. If your insurance company will provide coverage with a declaration page or binder, you do not have to pay for our insurance. There are other items you can choose to purchase from our convenient add-on packages, but they are not a required part of the rental invoice.
The only cost up-front to book your reservation is the refundable security deposit of $500 for travel trailers or $1500 for RVs (this is different for festivals). The rental invoice is not due until departure.
When you return, a staff member will do an initial check-in to inspect for damage and to get any applicable information (odometer, fuel level, etc.). Once we are able to bring the unit into the shop, a tech will complete a thorough inspection inside and out to inspect for damage and to check for proper operation of all components. We have 3-5 business days to complete this process and to refund your security deposit.
No, we just need to get a copy of the additional driver’s valid driver license and auto insurance ID card.
While we do ask that basic consideration be given, such as trash picked up and put in a trash bag/can, loose dirt on the floor swept up with the provided broom and dustpan, etc., we do not expect the unit to be as clean as it was at departure. However, there is an excessive cleaning fee for returning the unit in such condition that it would require staff more than two hours to clean it upon return.
Not usually. If it is a reasonably close distance for us to be able to send a delivery driver to pick up the unit, then we can arrange this at and additional cost.
Yes, we do set aside about an hour at each departure for one of our techs to do walk-through and tutorial of your unit. We do recommend that two adults be present to be sure the information provided is understood for proper operation and safety on your trip. We request that phones be silenced to minimize distraction, unless recording the training. Please note that bringing young children can be a major distraction and can add considerable time to the departure process.
As long as there is no accident and injuries which would require a call to 911 first, we need to be the first call you make. Make sure you are pulled a safe distance off the road. We have a GPS/OBD system onboard so we can pinpoint your exact location and can help navigate and expedite your situation to the best of our abilities.
No you do not, however we do allow you to use your own insurance company, which will save you money! Most rental companies will not allow this. If your auto insurance company will provide coverage and a declaration page or proof of coverage binder showing the rental unit with VIN and listing our company as Loss Payee, then we do not have to place coverage. If not, we work with an insurance coverage that will cover the rental at a reasonable daily rate.
No, a special license is not required for U.S. citizens to operate an RV. However, a valid license must be provided as well as a copy of your insurance card from your glove box. These will be kept on file by us. If you are traveling from a foreign country, a valid international drivers license is required along with a passport for the contracted driver(s). Copies must also be kept on file.
Absolutely NOT! This means smoking of any substances, cigerettes or Vaping of any kind will be a violation of our contract. If the unit comes back with any smell of any of these substances there will be a forfeiture of your security deposit in full.
Are there generators onboard the rental units?
Yes, all RVs/Motorhomes have onboard generators and include 4 free hours. The fee for going over the total free hours on the trip is $4 per hour. Travel trailers DO NOT have onboard generators, but we do have propane generators and a couple of gasoline generators available to rent as well if need-be. Generators, if you are a newbie, are used to provide A/C electricity and to keep the coach batteries charged in the absence of electric hookup.
Yes, your personal vehicle can be left in our rear lot, which is secured with razor wire on a gated 7,000 volt electric fence which is all on live video feeds. We, however, cannot be held liable for any personal property left on our lot.
Yes! For a quoted fee, we can arrange to deliver your unit, set it up, and hook up any available utilities. We can also come back, unhook and teardown, dump/clean the waste tanks, and haul the unit back to our facility. All fees are based on the mileage from our facility and cover our time, fuel, and training at your location. If delivering an RV as opposed to travel trailer, the miles from the delivery are not part of the free mileage included in your rental, so don’t worry about losing money on your miles!
We put freshly-cleaned waterproof covers on all the mattresses in each unit at no charge. However, if you want fresh linens on the beds, you will need to purchase the one of the convenience packages that includes a full set of fresh bedding (fitted and flat sheets, comforter/blanket, and pillow) for whatever beds/sleeping areas you need.
Most of our RVs take regular unleaded but we do have a few that take diesel.
Our units are equipped with multiple onboard TVs that get local stations wherever you go and most have onboard stereo systems as well. All units have a DVD player on board. Some units have a TV/entertainment system on the outside of the RV under the awning area. We also have portable WiFi devices available for rent as well
It is possible, but we recommend that everyone stay seated and fastened in whenever possible. Each state has specific laws regarding RV travel pertaining to seat belts, but they all require people sitting in the driver and passenger seats to be belted at all times. Please Note: No one is legally allowed to ride inside the travel trailers while they are being towed.
Yes, we do allow travel in our units to Canada, we must have the destination information as well as a copy of a passport for all travelers to ensure guaranteed re-entry to the United States.
No, walking on the roof is NOT permitted at any time for safety reasons. Also, many parts of the RV can be damaged by walking on the roof. Kids need to be informed because most units have an easily accessible ladder on the back of the RV.
RVs can be parked anywhere large semi-trucks park or where an allowance is granted for any type of recreational vehicle. There are thousands of campgrounds that accommodate RVs. There are also many truck stops that allow overnight RV parking. Walmart allows RVs to park on their lots anywhere in the U.S. either overnight or for multiple days for free.
We only require that the fuel tank is filled back to the level at which it left at departure. If the fuel tank returns with less fuel, the cost to refill back to the level at departure will be deducted from the security deposit prior to the refund at the rate of $4/gallon gasoline and $5/gallon for diesel.
Our fleet currently consists of many brands of RVs and travel trailers such as; Forest River, Gulf Stream, Thor, Fleetwood, Winnebago, Jayco, Grand Design, Holiday Rambler, and growing! We are also a warranty dealer for several of these brands as well!
No, overall it is not difficult to drive an RV or travel trailer. We do recommend that you do a little research if you are uncomfortable or have never driven a large vehicle so you can get some tips and tricks from others who have suggestions after their own first-time experiences. That said, driving and unit operation instructions are provided prior to departure.
If there are any injuries, call 911 immediately. Then call us as soon as possible. If it is just damage to the rental unit with no injuries, please call us first and we will help with the situation in any way we can. Please do not wait unit returning the unit to inform us of an accident or damage.
Yes, you can tow a vehicle or trailer for an additional $50/night. We do require proof of insurance coverage on the vehicle or trailer being towed because our rental insurance does not cover renters’ automobiles or trailers that are being towed.
The generator can be used while on the road to supply A/C electricity for the coach air conditioning, microwave, and all A/C outlets. The generator will not need to be used while at your destination if power is supplied at the site. The generator runs off the same fuel tank as the unit’s engine, so if the fuel tank drops below ¼ tank, the generator will not run.
Yes, every rental unit has an OBD/GPS device installed not only to help pinpoint your location in the event of breakdown, but to also monitor the engine operation. If an engine code illuminates on the dash, it will alert us to the cause of the issue. In such an instance, we can keep you informed as to whether it needs immediate attention or if it can await your return.
Yes, dogs are allowed, but not cats. We hav a one-time pet fee of $95 for one dog, $150 for two, and we require that you sign our pet addendum that covers the rules of traveling in a rental with a pet.
Gas mileage will range from 10-12 miles per gallon for Class C RVs and 9-11 miles per gallon for Class A RVs depending on the terrain, driving habits, and weight being carried (water, luggage, people, etc.). When pulling a travel trailer, expect to get somewhere between 8-14 miles per gallon depending on the weight of the trailer being towed and your personal vehicle specifications.
Currently, our only facility is located at 2021 West Doroty Lane in Moraine, Ohio 45439. If you would like to look at an RV or travel trailer, you can call, text, or email us to make an appointment for us to bring it into our shop to make it accessible for you to view and walk around the unit.
Yes, all RVs and travel trailers require use of ONLY RV/Marine-safe toilet paper. We provide 4 free rolls with each rental, but you can also purchase additional packs in our add-ons package or at most major stores. If regular toilet paper is used in the rental unit and the plumbing clogs up, there will be a charge to get the plumbing cleared, fixed, and clean upon return.
Yes, you can take bicycles with you however you must rent one of our bike racks which hold up to 5 bikes. We do not allow other racks to be attached unless you make arrangements with us prior to picking up the RV. If you have a rack that is made to carry a kayak then you will need to bring it with you to our shop and we will have to lock it on the hitch with our lock and see that it is safe to attach to our RV. Any other equipment is fine so long as it will fit in the outside cabinets or the RV without damaging the walls or any other inside features.
Yes, most of the RVs, with the exception of just a few, do have at least one factory-installed child-seat anchors at the dinette seating area.
Yes, both the TVs and DVD players can be used while driving, but do require the generator to provide AC power to the outlet for those devices. Please note, however, that certain terrain, potholes, etc can affect the functionality of your devices. We cannot be held responsible or compensate for such issues. Also, as you travel, if you are using a hotspot, TV viewing may not be ideal in certain areas with poor signal.
Yes, you can leave luggage at our facility, but by doing so you acknowledge that RV Life Is Good, nor its staff, is held liable for theft or damage of any property left behind.