Returning RV Rentals

What time must the rental unit be returned?

We rent by the night, so the return day is free as long it is returned by 10am. If returning outside of business hours, you will need to call Kirk so he can disarm the electric fence and open the gate to provide entry to the rear lot. The cutoff time for evening returns is 10pm and if returning on a weekend or before we arrive during the week, it is preferred no earlier than 8am. We are lenient on these times as we understand some circumstances cannot be controlled but this is to prevent calls at all hours of night and early morning to be let into the lot.

Must the holding tanks be dumped before returning the RV?

No, we take care of this for you when you come back. You may need to empty your tanks while you on your trip, just for your own needs, and we will show you how to do this, but we do not require the tanks to be empty and cleaned upon return.

Does the interior need to be cleaned before returning the RV?

While we do ask that basic consideration be given, such as trash picked up and put in a trash bag/can, loose dirt on the floor swept up with the provided broom and dustpan, etc., we do not expect the unit to be as clean as it was at departure. However, there is an excessive cleaning fee for returning the unit in such condition that it would require staff more than two hours to clean it upon return.

Does the fuel tank have to be refilled before returning the RV?

We only require that the fuel tank is filled back to the level at which it left at departure. If the fuel tank returns with less fuel, the cost to refill back to the level at departure will be deducted from the security deposit prior to the refund at the rate of $4/gallon gasoline and $5/gallon for diesel.

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