Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have the answer! Check the list of frequently asked questions where you may be able to find answers.

All RVs are set to return at 10 am on the return date (because you are not charged for this day). For an additional fee, a later drop-off time can be negotiated as long as the RV is not going out the next day. Any RV that is returned later than 10 am is subject to a fee if we have not been notified at least 24 hrs before your return time. On Saturdays and Sundays, RVs must be dropped off at your 10 am return time. You will need to coordinate with Kirk on getting the unit through the electronic gate. Should any damages occur between when you drop it off and when we check it in the next business day, you will be responsible for those.

If you want to book online on our website directly you can and will be required to put 1/2 down because our booking platform rolls over to a 3rd party site we link our booking calendar with and this is completely fine. However, if you choose the RV you like from our site and contact Kirk at 513-617-1074 he can set the booking up with you directly and send you a contract over and only requires a small deposit to lock in the dates. $500 for motorhomes and $300 for travel trailers.

You must be at least 25 years old to rent one of our RVs.

The rental fee is due the day of your departure. If an RV is booked within 15 days of the rental departure, the security deposit is due in full. The cost of the rental and any add-ons are not due until the departure date.

If you should exceed the allotted free mileage included in your reservation contract, you will be charged $0.39 per mile for the additional miles. Extra miles may be pre-purchased as packages. For more information on the packages we provide, please contact us directly. These pre-buy mileage packages will reduce the per-mile fee significantly, but any mileage not used will not be reimbursed.

With the purchase of a Convenience Package, you do NOT have to dump the holding tanks upon return. Without purchasing the Convenience Package, you can opt to purchase just the dumping and flushing service for $50.

Yes. We require you to fill it back up to the same level it was when you picked it up, which will be noted on your departure sheet. If the tank is brought back not filled to the original level it will result in us filling it up at the cost of $5 per gallon.

Thor, Forest River, Gulf Stream, Coachman, Eagle, and TAG

No, an RV is not difficult to drive. However, driving and operating instructions are provided when you pick up the RV.

If there are any injuries contact 911 first and then contact us as soon as possible. If it is just damage to our RV and not an emergency, then please call us first and we will help with the situation.

Yes, for an additional fee of $40 per night. We do require that you provide your own personal insurance coverage through your auto carrier for the RV. Comprehensive, collision and liability coverage for the RV is required when towing a vehicle, and “RV Life Is Good” and “Kirk & Melissa Morris” must be added as additionally insured on your insurance binder for just the dates of the rental. A written binder must be emailed to at least 7 days before departure. Our insurance does not cover towing.

Yes, pets are allowed depending on the size and type of animal. See rules and regulations under “Pet Addendum”.

Yes, they are. We have them in to not only help pinpoint your location if you happened to break down but also to monitor the engine. If there is an engine light that pops on your dashboard it will alert us and let us know what issue is causing the warning light to come on. We can inform you of that and help keep you in the loop if it’s not something that needs to be addressed on your trip.

The generator can be used while on the road to supply AC electricity for the air conditioning, microwave, and all AC outlets. The generator will not need to be used at a campground if power is supplied at the campsite. The generator runs off the same fuel tank as the engine, but if the fuel tank level drops below the ¼ level mark, the generator will not run.

Gas mileage will range from 9-11 miles per gallon for Class C RVs and 8-10 miles per gallon for Class A RVs depending on the terrain and your driving habits. When pulling a travel trailer, expect to get somewhere between 8-12 miles per gallon depending on the vehicle being towed.

No. Our only facility is in Moraine, Ohio.

We offer FREE pickup and delivery from the Dayton Airport for rentals that are 10 days or more. If not renting for 10 days, we can still do it and it will only be $40 each way.

Yes, you may leave your personal luggage at our facility at no additional charge. We only require a waiver to be signed.

Yes, TVs & DVD players can be used while driving. However, hitting bumps and/or potholes can affect the function of your DVD player. We are not responsible, nor will we compensate for, problems with DVD players or discs. Also, as you travel in and out of signal areas, television viewing may be affected.

Yes, at the recommended place at the dinette seating area. Factory-installed restraints are located there.

Yes, you can take bicycles with you however you must rent one of our bike racks which hold up to 5 bikes. We do not allow other racks to be attached unless you make arrangements with us prior to picking up the RV. If you have a rack that is made to carry a kayak then you will need to bring it with you to our shop and we will have to lock it on the hitch with our lock and see that it is safe to attach to our RV. Any other equipment is fine so long as it will fit in the outside cabinets or the RV without damaging the walls or any other inside features.

Yes. Only RV/Marine toilet paper and chemicals may be used in the septic system. We provide every rental with 4 free rolls but you can purchase additional 4 packs for a small fee of $10 per pack if you feel you will need them. If regular toilet paper is used in the RV and the plumbing clogs up there will be a charge to get the plumbing unclogged upon return.

Most state parks range from $25-$35 per night and usually include at least electricity. Private campgrounds and resort campgrounds can range from $45-$100 per night depending on amenities. Most campgrounds charge a rate for limited hookups with up-scale amenities offered at an additional cost per night.

All RV pick-ups are scheduled between 1 pm and 4 pm, Monday through Friday. A specific time must be scheduled so that one of our associates can do a walk-thru with you. For an additional fee, earlier times can be arranged. There are NO Saturday or Sunday pick-ups unless prior arrangements are made. There is the option to pick up the RV at 10 am, 11 am, or noon at no additional charge if you purchase any of our Add-On Packages.

It varies depending on the type of RV you rent, the duration of your trip, and if you purchase any convenience packages or extra mileage. What is due upfront to book an RV (if you call us directly): a reservation deposit of $500 for motorhomes and $300 for travel trailers is all you need in order to lock in the dates on all our platforms we are listed on. You don’t owe the balance of the security deposit until 15 days prior to your departure. The total security deposit is $1,500 for motor homes and $500 for travel trailers. This security deposit will be authorized on a credit card the day you depart until the safe return of your RV. See our “Bookings” information for additional details. You don’t have to pay for the Rental or any add-ons you purchase until the day you arrive and depart.

All security deposits are returned or released within 3-4 days after the RV is safely returned with no damage. Overages or damage can be deducted from the security deposit.

Yes. Additional drivers can be added at $10 per driver. The basic contract allows for one driver. The purchase of a Convenience Package allows an additional driver at no additional charge.

No. We do not expect you to thoroughly clean the RV, but we expect the floors to be swept, all trash to be out, and nothing left in the fridge.

No one-way rentals are offered.

Yes. One of our technicians will go over every aspect of the rental RV with you, inside and out. We recommend that two people be present for the walkthrough and require that all cell phones and electronic devices be turned off during this instruction….unless you want to videotape or take photos of the key features.

We need to be the first call you make. We have a GPS system onboard all our units so if you were to have an issue on the road, we can pinpoint your exact location and will help you expedite your situation to the best of our abilities.

No, we have Liberty Mutual and can set you up with our liability and damage insurance. However, if your insurance company will cover you, we are happy to help you with getting them what they need which would save you money if running the rental through your existing insurance.

No, a special license is not required for U.S. citizens to operate an RV. However, a valid license must be provided as well as a copy of your insurance card from your glove box. These will be kept on file by us. If you are traveling from a foreign country, a valid international drivers license is required along with a passport for the contracted driver(s). Copies must also be kept on file.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! If evidence of smoking (any substance) or vaping inside an RV is found, a minimum of $500 will be charged for having to put an Ozonator/air scrubber in the unit for 48 hrs, cleaning and deodorizing the unit.

Yes, generators are onboard to supply AC electricity and to keep the coach batteries charged. Generators are not onboard travel trailers. There will be a charge of $4 per hour over the 4 hours per day that are included with your rental.

All our motorhomes take regular unleaded.

We put freshly cleaned waterproof pads on all the mattresses’ in a unit at no charge. However, if you want fresh linens on the beds you would need to purchase the inexpensive convenience package for that and we will provide everything the beds need including a fresh clean blanket and clean pillow.

Yes, this is one of our most popular services. For a fee, this custom service can be added to your rental. All fees are based on the mileage from our facility and cover our gas, time, and training at your home or site to do so. These miles are not added to your total so you save milage and money when doing so.

Yes, your personal vehicle(s) may be left at our secured facility at no additional charge. We only require a waiver to be signed.

Our units are equipped with multiple onboard TVs that get local stations wherever you go and most have onboard stereo systems as well. All units have a DVD player on board. Some units have a TV/entertainment system on the outside of the RV under the awning area.

It is possible, but we recommend that everyone stay seated and fastened in whenever possible. Each state has specific laws regarding RV travel pertaining to seat belts, but they all require people sitting in the driver and passenger seats to be belted at all times.

We will allow a trip to Canada but need to know the details of your trip.

No, walking on the roof is NOT permitted at any time for safety reasons. Also, many parts of the RV can be damaged by walking on the roof. Kids need to be informed because most units have an easily accessible ladder on the back of the RV.

RVs can be parked anywhere large semi-trucks park or where an allowance is granted for any type of recreational vehicle. There are thousands of campgrounds that accommodate RVs. There are also many truck stops that allow overnight RV parking. Walmart allows RVs to park on their lots anywhere in the U.S. either overnight or for multiple days for free. is a great resource for first-time RVers who need more information before they commit to the experience.

You can also ask a qualified “RV Life Is Good” rental expert. We all RV camp and enjoy it thoroughly. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have even if you do not ultimately rent from us.

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